UP CLOSE: Southeast Missouri Better Business Bureau offers advice on charitable donations part 2

UP CLOSE: Southeast Missouri Better Business Bureau offers advice on charitable donations

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – When life-changing situations such as hurricanes happen, sadly some look to take advantage of others.  

Fox 23’s Timothy Eaves spoke to the Better Business Bureau Regional Director, who shares how to look for the right charities. 

“So, we typically tell people not to donate to crowdfunding unless you know and trust the person who you’re donating to because some of these websites that they could have some crowdfunding going on they may not be vetting who it is so I would say do your research again make sure that you know the person you know that what they’re raising money for so if it is something for Puerto Rico maybe just opt to donate directly to an organization that’s already there,” said Quick. 

   A lot of people have questions about whether it is better to give money or goods, which is better.    

“Typically, better to give money during these situations because we saw some of this happened in Texas where people had donated so many goods that it kind of stopped up what was going on to try to fix the flooding and everything there so it is a lot better for you to just donate the money so that the people who are already on the ground can already start doing their job and be able to purchase the resources that they need in order to help,” said Quick. 

When it comes to looking for expert advice on evaluating charities working viewers go to again you? 

“When I check out bbb.org and give.org so that’ll give you an opportunity to check out any charity see if it’s an accredited charity if it’s a credit it means that they have met our 20 standards so we have gone and done our research on those charities show knew where their money goes to so this may be something that’s really important to people to check out a charity to see if the money is going directly to the mission and how much is going to administrative or anything else like that so well thank you Winnie,” said Quick. 

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