Vendors from small businesses attend Womens Impact Networking Luncheon

JACKSON Mo. (KBSI)- The Jackson Civic Center was packed full Thursday with business leaders of the community for the Women’s Impact Network meeting.

Graze Keen, Owner of Blackbird by Peachy Keen says, “So we love events like this just so we can network and meet people because we’re people people, but we love it because we’re community over competition. We want to support everyone and obviously it’s important to get your name out and make sure you know what people have to offer, we just like to meet and mingle and support other businesses so we can bounce ideas off of each other and really work together.”

The event encourages women in the community to get together and network.

Maria Farrar, a Licensed Esthetician and Owner of Powder Box Parlor states, “People never heard of me before when they get to meet me here, they’re just like ‘wow I’ve never heard of you, and when they get to come to my studio, they’re just a little overwhelmed with all the services they do offer, we get to give them that personal experience, really tailor their services just for them.”

But the opportunity also has an even greater purpose, allowing vendors from several small businesses in the area to contribute and connect with these businesses alike.

Sara Gerau, Women’s Impact Network Planning Committee says, “Bringing women together to help to inspire, to lift each other up, there is so much room to build each other up, we’re not in competition, we are in the rat race all together. And we know how important it is just to come together in that fellowship and just network with each other, and just hear what everyone else is going through, have a little fun.”

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