Veterans can no longer update military ID in Cape Girardeau

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI)- Veterans will no longer be able to update their military IDs at the armory in Cape Girardeau. 

Instead, they will have to travel up to two hours away to get the service. 

The change is due to the previous employee getting a promotion and the job opening not being filled in their absence. 

Brent Humphries with the VFW says having to travel up to two hours can be difficult for veterans and without a military id veterans will miss out on the benefits that come with military service. 

“And your ID but that VA ID will not allow you to get onto a military base or get a veteran’s license plate,” said Humphries. 

Humphries says the VFW in Cape Girardeau has relief funds and other benefits to help veterans in the area if they need assistance in traveling to St. Louis to update their ID. 

“As far as the transportation goes for getting to the St Louis, we hear the VFW we do offer rides and transportation assistance for veterans we have a veterans Relief Fund to offer to veterans in the area just a matter of getting that information out there to the public,” said Humphries

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