Wastewater Treatment Conference hopes to bring in new life to the market

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Southeast Missouri water and wastewater facilities are looking for a new generation of water connoisseurs.

“Water is, is life!” said, Danny Flynn, the owner and president of Flynn Drilling Company in Troy, Missouri.

He says that without the ability to treat water, life would look very different and not for the better.

“You got to have the water first but then the discharge of the water when it becomes wastewater, you got to be able to treat it properly, so you don’t contaminate, you know the environment,” said Flynn.

Water treatment is not a common trade. Todd Fulton with the City of Cape Water Treatment Facility says the industry is struggling to attract a new wave of workers.

“For every eight people that are leaving this industry due to retirement we’re only having one new younger person that’s coming into the industry,” said Fulton.

The Missouri Water and Wastewater conference was held at the Drury Plaza Hotel and gave many opportunities from different companies to educate and recruit for the water treatment job market.

“So the demand and the need, it’s tremendous,” said Fulton.

The Cape Girardeau Wastewater Treatment Facility offers tours to the public for those who are interested in learning more. Call 573-339-6351 for more information.
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