Young entrepreneurs gather for kids business, craft fair in Jackson

JACKSON, Mo. (KBSI) – “I love being an entrepreneur and I wanted to give younger kids a chance to show their skills and talents,” said Benny Arends.

An idea that started four months ago when Benny Arends was at a farmer’s market with his family has turned in to the first Annual Kid’s Business and Craft Fair.

“Benny is really good with big ideas he’s come up with kids for kids giving gifts to hospital kids in the hospital,” said Jameson Arends, Benny’s father.

Benny had the idea for the event. His parents, Melinda and Jamison, supported his vision. Arends says supporting your childs’ ideas like this is important and this business fair gives parents that chance.

“It’s very important for to support our kids and let their ideas grow and come to fruition and I think it’s really helpful,” said Jamison Arends.

It’s helpful and Benny who loves helping others gets the chance to help kids and support his entepreneur goals such as making money.

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