Friday dries up then more rain to come Saturday

Friday the skies dry up and will be mostly cloudy throughout the day, temperatures warm up into the upper 60s. Saturday the rain comes back as temperatures stay in the upper 60s. Sunday there is a chance to see more sun as decreasing clouds will occur overnight Saturday.



Mostly cloudy throughout Friday, wind speeds pick up 5-15 mph from the northwest. Temperatures start cooler in the lower 50s before warming up into the upper 60s.



As the skies stay cloudy, Friday we will see temperatures reach the upper 60s and lower 70s.



There is a slight chance we could see some lingering but light sprinkles by the afternoon, overall staying a mostly cloudy Friday.



Mostly cloudy on Friday then a chance for more precipitation comes back Saturday. We dip into the lower 60s Sunday with a chance to see more sunshine next week. Temperatures warm back into the mid 60s for the first day of May on Monday. We will continue to stay dry and warm back even more into the 70s on Wednesday.


Weather Forecaster

Krista Chang

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