Slow warm up, remaining dry

3 7 Day Forecast

Temperatures will remain cooler than average through the first half of the weekend, but we do warm up Sunday and into next week. Precipitation chances remain low through all of next week.

Ksbi Hourly Forecast 01

We’ll start Friday off cooler than average with plenty of clear skies. The high for the day will be just a few degrees shy of the average high.

Dma Tomorrow High With Day Of Week

80s for everybody by Friday afternoon. A little muggy, but still below average for the high!

Skeeter Meter 2

Still on the high side for mosquitoes into the weekend. With the lack of rain, we should start to see the meter drop into the low and medium range soon.

Servpro Cpc 6 10 Precip Outlook

The lack of rain will extend all the way through the next 6-10 days!

Storm Alert Team Chief Meteorologist
Rusty Dawkins

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