‘Secret photo vault’ on Snapchat raising concerns

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A new feature added to Snapchat has some parents and law enforcement concerned.

You can hide pictures and videos in what is being called the “secret photo vault.”

A law enforcement officer from Idaho said about 70% to 80% of girls share nude photos by 11th grade. In middle school, it’s about 50% right now.

“Parents have a really hard time understanding that or even believing that,” Boise County Sheriff’s Deputy David Gomez. “Teens always say that number is low because they know they share pictures around. It is just 10 minutes of meeting each other, and they are sharing pictures.”

Gomez is a school resource officer who works with high school students. He has a Facebook page that keeps parents and law enforcement up to date on the dangers of social media.

The Wahoo Police Department shared one of his posts about the Snapchat vault, saying, “Please talk to your kids about this or come down to Wahoo PD and we’ll talk to everyone about it.”

Gomez said, “Predators and kids are light-years ahead of everybody, so the education needs to catch up.”

Some parents may feel bad about going through their child’s phones because they don’t want to lose their privacy and trust. But Gomez said you might be saving a life by checking this vault, whether that be your own child or someone else’s child.

Gomez put together step-by-step instructions on how to check your kid’s Snapchat “secret” photo vault:

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