3 deaths, 64 new cases of COVID-19 in Franklin-Williamson counties

MARION, Ill. (KBSI) – The Franklin-Williamson Bi-County Health Department reported three new deaths and 64 new cases of COVID-19  on Sept. 13.

Williamson County, one man in his 60’s and one man in his 70’s died of COVID-19. In Franklin County, one male in his 60’s died. Those who died were previously confirmed to have acquired the disease and have passed away from COVID-related disease.

The newly confirmed cases by gender, age and county are as follows:

Franklin County COVID-19 positives by age and gender


  • 1 toddler
  • 1 preteen
  • 2 teenagers
  • 3 in her 20’s
  • 2 in her 30’s
  • 1 in her 40’s
  • 3 in her 60’s
  • 4 in her 70’s
  • 1 in her 80’s


  • 1 toddler
  • 2 teenagers
  • 1 in his  20’s
  • 2 in their 30’s
  • 1 in his 60’s

Williamson County COVID-19 positives by age and gender


  • 1 toddler
  • 1 in her 20’s
  • 4 in their 30’s
  • 4 in their 40’s
  • 4 in their 50’s
  • 3 in their 60’s
  • 3 in their 70’s
  • 1 in her 80’s.


  • 6 teenagers
  • 5 in their 20’s
  • 2 in their 30’s
  • 3 in their 50’s
  • 2 in their 70’s

These individuals are believed to have acquired the disease through either local contact with known cases, social gatherings, church settings, community events or through transmission in the community (i.e. unable to trace back to a known source).

To date, there have been a total of *11,145 laboratory confirmed positives in Williamson County and *6,676 laboratory confirmed positives in Franklin County of COVID-19, including 143* deaths in Williamson County and 85* deaths in Franklin County. 8645* have recovered in Williamson County and 5177* have recovered in Franklin County.

COVID 19 shares many symptoms with more common respiratory diseases. If you have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, call your healthcare provider for further guidance.

In addition, several COVID-19 hotlines/testing sites have been established:

  • Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)
  • Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH)- (Hotline for testing)
    • 1-844-988-7800
  • Franklin Hospital – (Hotline for testing)
    • (618) 435-9700
  • Heartland Regional Medical Center – (Hotline for testing)
    • 1-888-543-2786
  • Shawnee Health Service – (Testing sites)
    • Carterville, Carbondale and Marion locations
    • Call Main number
  • Christopher Rural Health Planning Corporation – (Testing Site)
    • 1-800-408-7351
  • SSM Health- (Virtual visit)
  • Marion Diagnostic Center (Testing Site)
    • 618-993-1400

*All data is provisional and subject to change.
*Case numbers can change without notice due to cases being out of the counties.

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