BBB: Storm chaser scams

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Once a nature disaster hits many people are looking to fix up their lives and homes as soon as possible. 

 This may lead some people to fall into the storm chaser trap a scam where contractors look to take advantage.  

Whitney quick regional director of the Better Business Bureau says to first contact your insurance to see what is covered for your house damage. 

“Make sure that you’re saving all your receipts including those for food temporary lodging and any other expenses that may be covered under your policy so your insurance company they can also make recommendations on contractors,” said Quick. 

Quick says for extra protection pay in payments of three and pay using your credit card. 

“You want to make sure that if you have had something happen and you do get a check from the insurance don’t sign your check over to the contractors you want to make sure that you get an invoice from the contractor and pay them directly either with a credit card which that offers additional fraud protection,” said Quick. 

Quick says to resist high-pressure sales, don’t fall into the pressure of this is the best sale pitch that requires you to pay now.  

But again, use your credit card for payments because of the protection of credit card companies.  

“The card companies do a fantastic job of really taking care of their consumers so if you’ve paid for something that ends up being a fraud or anything like that your credit card company will be there to help walk you through that situation,” said Quick. 

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