Big Brothers Big Sisters looking for mentors

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Mentorship is important, and the right mentor can change a person’s trajectory – no matter the age. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters is one of the local organizations that offer volunteering for adults to mentor the youth and fill various, vital needs.  

Becky Simpher with Big Brothers Big Sisters says they have been seeing a decline in volunteers of late.  

“We had a slight uptick in January but that has continued to decline,” said Simpher. 

Volunteers with big brothers and big sisters are called bigs. 

Makenya Owens says she has been a big for the last two years.  She says that it’s great for kids to see people with similar goals. 

“For them to see successful people, for them to see people that have goals and dreams similar to theirs and what that looks like in real life,” said Owens. 

Being a big brother or big sister requires 1-to-2 hours per week from the volunteer.  

Time that can be spent in various ways to help build a strong relationship between the mentor and mentee. 

 “So, we plan luncheons and dinners and bowling and movies and just whatever; as much as I can connect with her throughout the month, that’s what I try to do,” said Owens.  

Big Brothers Big Sisters agency that covers areas from St. Louis to cape Girardeau are servicing 700 youth now. 

But still currently have approximately 600 kids they are looking to match with bigs.  

“And so just to be in there for her emotionally and helping her to kind of sort through some of the things she’s been through, you know, really builds her trust in others,” said Owens. 

Owens and Big Brothers Big Sisters want to distribute the message of how beneficial serving as a big brother or big sister can be. 

“Definitely rewarding, and you are really show up for youth in your community, this is a great way to do that,” said Simpher. 

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