Cape Career and Technology Center director Crowley outlines plans for use of MACCO Grant

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Schools like the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center rely heavily on grants, and the one for $400,00 which the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education provided CTC will contribute a great deal to the center’s growth. 

Director Brock Crowley said the funds will be used to renovate facilities and provide new and interesting opportunities for students. 

“We’re tasked with making sure we’re putting that funding and that money to good use to where it does enhance the programs we offer and it does give students an opportunity to have a positive educational experience where they come in, they learn a trade, they learn soft skills, and we prepare them to go out into business and industry and be successful,” he said.

One of the programs that will benefit from this grant is the center’s new fire science program, which is in its first year. 

Crowley said the program has received a lot of support, but the opportunity to expand is one the center cannot pass up. 

“We’ve gotten a lot of donations, including a fire truck,” he said. “There’s a lot of support locally for that, a lot of support from our school district, but we want to continue to build on that. We’re just starting out with that program, but a lot of fire equipment is expensive, so we want to continue to expand.” 

The center also has plans for an outdoor lab to provide more space for bigger construction projects. 

Crowley said it is full speed ahead for CTC. 

“We’re going to continue moving forward and have good opportunities for students which hopefully then turns into good opportunities for employers,” he said.

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