Cape Fire Department benefits from latest technology

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Local firefighters respond quickly and work hard to do their part in keeping the community safe.

“Thanks to technology we’ve got GPS and some systems that we use that will pinpoint a house for us. That address on your mailbox or your porch someplace easily visible will always confirm that,” said Cape Girardeau Fire Chief Randy Morris said of the technological boom.

Of course, doing the little things will always aid the firefighters, too.

Morris says the first step in doing your part to help, is making sure your residence is visibly marked from the street.

“That’s saying rest assured firefighter, you’ve arrived in the right place,” said Morris.

With new technology such as a computer aided dispatching system, tablets and response apps, the fire department can respond faster and be connected with nearby counties.

“And that’s actually done a lot of wonders for us on dispatching, getting the correct units to the emergency, mapping, on our side specifically with the fire department,” said Morris.

Working as an aid to quickly extinguish fires like abandoned structures that are common during colder months.

“Sometimes you’ll get a homeless population or someone that’s occupying the structure that’s vacant that’s not supposed to be there.  It’ll pose a pretty big hazard to us. A dilapidated house and a firefighter going in to put a fire out … we don’t know whether we are going into a house that has a hole in the floor or a roof system that hasn’t been maintained in several years that can come crashing in on us.  So, we’re very, very cautious when we get those types of calls,” said Morris.

And with constant fire, rescue and medical training,  local firefighters stay prepared when you need help.

Added Morris: “We’re training all the time. At a minimum, our firefighters are doing at least an hour per shift of not only physical training, but we’re going firefighter, ems, rescue – some sort of job-related training.”

Morris says the department is always looking for good firefighters and anyone interested in becoming one should stop their local fire department to get more information.

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