City of Cape Girardeau to hold managed deer hunt

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The City of Cape Girardeau is holding a managed deer hunt to support a healthy wildlife and reduce the number of deer and vehicle collisions.

The Missouri Department of Conservation strives to manage Missouri’s wildlife populations so that healthy, sustainable resources are present for current and future generations. The seek the best scientific information available to inform management decisions regarding the harvest of wildlife.

The City of Cape Girardeau’s managed deer hunt is one of more than 100 similar programs statewide.

“Its a lottery through the state that selects the forty hunter,” said Corporal Ryan Droege with the Cape Girardeau Police Department. “The 40 hunters must be over 18, have to have the correct licenses, and they have to attend, a specific Cape Girardeau Safety planning meeting before they’re allowed to go out and participate in the hunt.”

Managed deer hunts support healthy wildlife by preventing overpopulation, starvation, and reducing the spread of diseases.

Population control reduces the chances for deer-vehicle collisions but does not eliminate all deer.

“So Cape Rock Park, the upper circle you can drive through and look out still open to the public,” said Cpl. Droege. “You’ll find these placed in other areas of that park. That area is still safe to go to up top. But everywhere else it’s very clearly marked, large no trespassing signs, all over the park entrances, so people should realize, and see right away this park is closed.”

Delaware Park, Twin Trees Park, Cape Rock, and Fountain are the four parks closed to the public.

The hunt will last through the evening of December 23. Then the impacted parks will open to the public.

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