Essence Health Medicare open enrollment expires Dec. 7

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – With any form of healthcare, it’s decisions, decisions, decisions.

The 2022 Medicare annual enrollment period is Oct. 15 through Dec. 7.

This allows Medicare beneficiaries the opportunity to change their coverage for the upcoming year, including their opportunity to enroll in the zero dollar monthly premium plan from Essence Healthcare.

“We have a pretty robust strategy here in St. Louis, and we participate in all these senior-focused open enrollments,” said Kalyan Katakam, MD for Medical Practice in St. Louis Region for SSM Health. “I think that the big thing is that Essence Health brings to this collaboration or that both the parties bring to this collaboration is extend all these services, SSM Health services, to the broader St. Louis area in our community.”

The Lumeris owned and operated health group announced at the beginning of October that all St. Louis-area primary care physicians are accepting Essence’s Medicare Advantage plans.

Many southeast Missouri residents frequent the St. Louis area due to healthcare needs that are not available to them in their area.

“Our focus is to provide more benefits, more flexibility, more doctor choice for the beneficiaries in the St. Louis area,” said Suzanne Grossman, Vice President of Marketing for Essence.

Expansion is vital.

“We are all about expanding access, to high quality, low-cost healthcare to our communities, whether that is communities here in St. Louis, or communities outside,” said Dr. Katakam.

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