Mother of teen murder victim speaks out about suspect formally charged

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Yameka Robinson has been waiting 38 months for the news.

She doesn’t have to wait any longer, as the news she has been longing for came to fruition Wednesday as suspect Isaiah Lane will be charged with the 2019 murder of her daughter, Madison.

“I broke down, I cried because I’ve been out here marching and fighting for this very moment,” said Robinson. 

The younger Robinson was killed just days before her 16th birthday.  

Since then, Yameka, has not stopped trying to raise attention to her daughter’s case. 

From naming a food truck in Madi’s honor to calling police stations and local organizations, she continued the fight — day in and day out for more than three years.

“I contacted everyone I could possibly contact, you try to get the word out about my daughter’s case to try to keep her case alive because I didn’t want it to go there and then you know, nobody pick it up or we did not receive justice,” Robinson said, “My other children, my sister, my family knowing that my daughter deserved justice, nor does she deserve more than what people are giving her.” 

Lane is currently locked up on unrelated charges and this will be his second time being charged with Madi’s murder, but Robinson is confident this time around he will be charged.

And she was right! 

“I just pray that we get closure with him being charged. I know that we won’t completely be healed but we will have some type of risk within our soul knowing that the person, one of the people responsible for Maddie’s murder is behind bars and can’t hurt anyone else in our community; he can’t hurt any more [of] my children,” said Robinson. 

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