Franklin Elementary 4th-grade class introduced new pet Draco Mango

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Mrs. Glueck’s 4th-grade class in Franklin Elementary welcomed a new class pet, a bearded dragon named Draco Mango. 

Mrs. Glueck’s 4th-grade class wanted a bearded dragon for a class pet, but Franklin Elementary Principal Garner wasn’t sure about allowing the pet into the school because she is scared of it.

But before Christmas break, each student wrote Mrs. Garner a persuasive essay to help change her mind

Taylor Glueck, the 4th-grade teacher, says the letters really stuck to her.

“[Students wrote] Feel better when they were sad having a pet to go to just cuddle with and take a break during the day and then another one that really stuck out was wanting to read to it,” said Glueck.

The persuasive essay hit a chord with Principal April Garner, who was excited to share the news with the class. 

“I was nervous before he came and then I went in, and I met Draco, and I was so excited by the students. It felt good to be able to tell them, yes, they could have it, said Garner.

Student Jasmine Padilla-Torres said in her letter she talked about holding Draco Mango in her hands. 

 “I wrote about how I would do research about it and how I would take care of it and how I would feel about it when I have it in my hands,” said Padilla-Torres. 

This class pet will help motivate students like Mi’Kailion Anderson, who says his dream is to play in the NFL or to learn about animals.   

“Impressed and excited that my principal said yes then we can have a class pet,” said Anderson.

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