Free community meal at Burfordville Baptist Church

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Burfordville Baptist Church hosted its monthly free community meal.

This program started two years ago during the early beginnings of the pandemic. 

Dennis and Debbie Welker, church members, and cooks say that it started small but has grown.

 “First, we didn’t have very many. If we’re going along, we keep gaining more and more. It’s according to what the meal is here while back we had over 100 people, probably 110 people we served one evening,” said Dennis Welker.

Rather the crowd size was big or small.

Welker says the goal was never to make the church the main focus but rather just to give back. 

“It’s important to give back to this community we don’t want the church to be the center of the community trying to get people to come into the church,” said Welker.

The Welkers and the church just hope this gesture reminds people the church is in their corner. 

“We just want the community to know that the church is here if they need us or need anything we’re here,” said Debbie Welker.

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