Free on FOX23: Perry County Military Museum & Genealogical Research Center

PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KBSI)-  Perryville’s Higher Education Center, formally known as the school for American Vincentians is now home to a couple locations honoring Perry County history: the Perry County Genealogical Research Library & Archives Center and the Perry County Military History Museum.

Bill Hart, Director of the Genealogical Research Center, says the center houses around 1,500 volumes mostly dealing with Perry County history, but they hold archives from the state and surrounding areas as well.

“There are birth and death records here, there are family histories, several hundred family histories, there are also histories of other counties, as well as Perry County and of the state of Missouri as well,” said Hart.

Another location honoring Perry County history is the Perry County Military History Museum.

John Rauh and Carlene Rauh are volunteers and serve as professional guide and curator of the museum.

“So if people really are interested enough they want to sit down and look into history further there is a lot of stuff here people can you know, dig into.”

Tap here to learn more about the Perry County Military History Museum.


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