Howard Aslinger Endurance Event held in Cape Girardeau

Brad Mueth Overall Winner (Source: Howard Aslinger Memorial Scholarship Foundation)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The 2022 Howard Aslinger Endurance Event was held March 19-20 at Arena Park in Cape Girardeau.

This was a 24-12 hour Run/Walk and 1 hour non competitive walk. It was the 12th running of the race. Runners ran as far as they could in the time allotted.

All proceeds go to the Howard Aslinger Memorial Scholarship Foundation which provides scholarships to individuals with disabilities. Tap here to learn more about the Howard Aslinger Foundation.


Overall 24 hour winner

  • Brad Mueth, 39, from Jackson, MO
    • 111.2 miles
    • “It never always gets worse” is Brad’s favorite quote from David “Horty” Horton, an accomplished ultra runner.
    • This is Mueth’s fourth year running this race.
    • He previously ran
      • two 50ks
      • 100 in 2021
      • 111.2 in 2022

12 hour overall winner

  • Jessy Beard, 37, from Festus
    • 63.85 total miles

12 hour Female Seniors Champion

  • Marcy Ambler
  • 61.2 miles

Overall 24 hr. Women’s Champion

  • Angela Lachenmayr, 36, of Monroe, NC
  • 90.3 miles

Grand Masters Champion

  • Ann Welker
  • 65.95 miles

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