Islamic Center of Cape Girardeau celebrates Eid Al-Fitr

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Millions of Muslims are celebrating the end of Ramadan and this year is even more joyful for the Islamic Center of Cape Girardeau.  

Eid Al-Fitr, the festival of breaking the fast a celebration after completing the month of Ramadan where Muslims don’t eat food or drink any liquids from sunrise to sunset.  

During Ramadan Muslims are doing good deeds such as charity and focused on self-reflection Dr. Ahmad Sheikh board member, says it’s a time for Muslims to try to connect more.

“We try to connect more with god and connect with the people for the sake of God,” said Sheikh. 

Dr. Sheik said Muslim members coming together during Ramadan for God is a boost that they get each year   

A boost that is much needed for the Islamic center. Two years ago, in 2020 the Islamic center was set on fire right before Ramadan and then COVID hit and made it harder for everyone to be together and for them to reach the community. 

Fayaz Irfan, a member of the Muslim students’ association at SEMO (MSA), said it was hard because they couldn’t gather and couldn’t meet that much for prayer.  

Now the members like Fayaz say the past two were hard but this year is more enjoyable because they are around not just a few members but everyone.  

Celebrate the completion of Ramadan and enjoying Eid – Al- Fitr, Fayaz says the day is for everyone to stand shoulder to shoulder.   

“Who are there we stand together shoulder to shoulder and test the point of this day,” said Irfan.

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