KYTC to pre-treat roads ahead of predicted winter weather Thursday

(KBSI) – Be on the lookout for Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews pre-treating area highways on Tuesday ahead of predicted winter weather on Thursday.

The National Weather Service indicated the possibility of one to three inches of snow with extreme cold and high winds that are expected to create near-blizzard conditions and lows near zero.

Extreme cold temperatures arriving with the system are likely to create additional hazards. Wind-chill numbers could be as low as -20 degrees.

Most highway crews in Kentucky’s 12 westernmost counties are already producing brine to top off brine storage tanks, and prepping spray equipment.

KYTC District 1 crews plan to start pre-treating efforts on “B” and “C” Snow Priority Routes.

Crews will hold off on treating “A” Snow Priority Routes such as interstates, parkways, and other 4-land highways until about Wednesday.

Drivers should be alert for slow-moving trucks on the move spraying brine on road surfaces starting Tuesday. It normally takes about two full days to cover all 2,838 miles of highway in District 1 in western Kentucky.

The KYTC District 1 supertanker is expected to spray much of Interstate 24 on Tuesday afternoon and into Wednesday. The supertanker can spray at interstate speeds helping to avoid creating a traffic slowdown.

Brine is generated by combining water and salt. The brine is sprayed on pavement where it then dries to leave a fine powder coating of salt that sticks on the roadway driving surface where it is activated by falling snow in the early hours of a winter weather event, according to the KYTC. Pre-treating initially improves driving conditions as snow starts to fall and then makes it easier for crews to plow snow by keeping frozen precipitation from bonding to the pavement.

Drivers are reminded to adjust their driving speed to meet localized weather conditions as the snow develops.

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KYTC reminds drivers to ensure tires have sufficient tread for winter travel, and their vehicle contains an emergency kit in case they are stranded due to a crash. Many retail tire dealers will provide a free tire tread check.

Visit for tips on putting together a winter travel kit for your vehicle.

To view Snow Priority Route maps and additional tips to prepare for winter driving, visit SnowKY.KY.Gov.

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