Perryville High School teaches life skills for real world application

PERRYVILLE, MO (KBSI)- Reading, writing, arithmetic, Perryville High School teaches all of that and more.

Teachers are fully prepared to teach students the importance of building life skills. The public school offers a long list of different classes and it is a state requirement that students complete a financial class.

Daniel Brooks teaches the personal finance class.

“I think it comes from both areas, both in the classroom and in the home, and it’s, as a teacher I’m always trying to bridge that gap between home and the classroom. It’s both,” Brook said.

There are many other classes Perryville High School offers in lieu of life skills building. Jeff Steffens, the high school principal, says the students have many choices on what they can learn.

“Life skills is of course a personal finance, one of our life skills classes,” said Steffens. “We also teach different foods classes as life skills. We have a life skills class for our special needs students where it’s cooking and even doing their own laundry. We also have our career center classes for basic life skills, The kids just use it as eventually a life skill of being able to knowing how to change a tire or changing a battery in their cars.”

Brooks says he teaches his students about a 401k, investing, brokerage accounts and interest.

“Get them started as early as possible, it becomes the eighth wonder of the world as Einstein says,” he said.

Steffens also had his retirement party on Thursday, April 15, after 31 years with the school district.

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