Rent One Park introduces public to the “Thrillbillies”

MARION, Ill. (KBSI) – As baseball fans filed into Rent One Park for Thursday night’s big reveal, there was some speculation as to what Marion’s newest baseball team will be called. 

“The Thrillbillies,” Cohen Raby said.

“I prefer the Swamp Foxes, but I’ve got a friend who says it’s going to be the Thrillbillies,” Vince Hoffard said.

Well, fans no longer have to speculate, because the team that will now occupy Rent One Park will be called the Thrillbillies. 

This name received the most votes out of the five selections and defeated Swamp Foxes by about 150 votes out of roughly 7000 total. 

Ralph Santana, Thrillbillies field manager and player for the now defunct Southern Illinois Miners, says it only feels right to have baseball back at Rent One Park. 

“I love to have the vibe back in the park, love to have the vibe back at the park,” he said. “It’s what we do in Southern Illinois. It’s great to see this park come back to life, and I couldn’t be more excited.” 

So, what can fans expect at Thrillbillies games? 

“Fun, craziness, just expect the unexpected here,” Santana said.

Fans are ready for warmer weather, the crack of the bat, and the snap of the leather. 

“It’ll be fun coming out here and watching the college kids that are trying to make it to the next level,” Hoffard said.

“I’m really excited because winter season is over, and now it is time for summer, and then we get to play baseball and watch it, and it’s really fun,” Elaina Taylor said.

So, when the Thrillbillies take the field for the first time on May 31 and throughout the summer, they will certainly be providing plenty of thrills for the fans at Rent One Park.

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