Help choose next team name for Rent One Park in Marion, IL

MARION, Ill. (KBSI) – Rent One Park wants your help deciding the next team name for independent league baseball at the park.

Rent One Park is the former home to the Southern Illinois Miners. The team’s last season was 2021.

Go to to choose between five options.

  1. Swamp Foxes
  2. Monkey Rats
  3. Thrillbillies
  4. Fungi
  5. Angry Beavers

The team’s long-time owners, Jayne and John Simmons, retired from Frontier League baseball ownership.

The 2021 season was the last season for the team to play in Marion for the Frontier League.

The team was established in 2007.

The Miners ended the 2021 season with 54 wins and 42 losses. The team’s .574 winning percentage ranks first in league history for teams that have lasted more than one season. Mike Pinto, long-time manager and chief operating officer is the league’s all-time leader in wins by a manager.

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