Rep. Voss visits non-profit in Perryville

PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KBSI) – Missouri State Representative John Voss visited United Enterprises Inc. in Perryville on Tuesday.

United Enterprises is a non-profit organization that provides meaningful services and employment to individuals with disabilities.

“We opened in 1976. We have a couple of parents in Perry County that had children with disabilities and wanted to get a workshop started in Perry County,” said Janet Squibb, executive director of United Enterprises.

She says their jobs reach as far as Jackson. The non-profit organization offers jobs in custome building projects, warehousing and assembly work.

“We do a wide variety,” said Squibb. “We also build woden crates for Earthworks here in Perryville. So our employees throughly enjoy that job.”

Squibb says that the non-profit that is dedicated to helping those with disabilities fills a need in the community.

“If they didn’t have United Enterprises to come to and provide that work environment for them, it would be detrimental for them,” she said.

Missouri State Rep. John Voss toured the facility and saw the impact United Enterprises has on the community.

“This is a win, win, win situation if there ever is one, right” Rep. Voss said. “So you’ve got industry partners that are looking for some creative solutions to some of their problems areas of their manufacturing process. We’ve got parents who are looking for gainful employment for some of their children who maybe don’t qualify to go into the normal workplace. And then you get the community support and environmental benefits of some of the activities that we see here today. So it’s just a great operation.”

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