Southeast Missouri State University hosts event geared to teaching economic outlook & professionalism

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Students and the community at Southeast Missouri State university spent Wednesday networking together and learning from business leaders. 

Semo Economics professor Dr. David Yaskewich says this event is a good platform for students and the public to learn how to be professional, and also what the future of economics looks like.  

“A lot of headwinds in the economy; we all have seen higher inflation in one way or another; the job market has been pretty strong but also pretty tight in the sense of these labor shortages we’re hearing about, so there’s a lot of uncertainty going into the year 2023, and kind of getting the insight on some of the current economic conditions in the forecast for next year, that’s something I think would benefit all of us in our different backgrounds,” said Yaskewich. 

One of the guests included former SEMO student, Eric Levin, and a former CFO of Boeing. 

Levin says that reminding people how to be professional early in life is vital to their career growth.  

 “Professionalism discussion and I love to give back and help them along in their career because what I learned way too late in my career is just how important professionalism is,” said Levin. 

With inflation on the rise and a recession projected to hit in 2023, these tips of how to remain professional can be important to many, no matter their path. 

 “It is tough out there dealing with customers with clients, and any extra knowledge that you can bring to the table is only a benefit, so I encourage people to not stop learning once they leave here; to continue learning is just so critical,” said Levin. 

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