A cooler weekend, then warming up Monday for the first day of spring

Scattered showers and potential thunderstorms continue throughout Friday’s early AM hours, before clearing up by the afternoon. Wind speeds pick up for the early hours of Friday before slowing down in the evening. Temperatures drop for St. Patrick’s Day and the remainder of the weekend until warming up once again for the first day of spring on Monday.



Friday morning temperatures drop into the 20s and 30s, and wind speeds pick up 15-20 mph from the northwest with gusts as high as 40mph.





The storm system is off to our east by 6 am Friday, leaving behind mostly cloudy skies in the morning before clearing up by the afternoon and evening hours on St. Patrick’s Day.



Friday kicks off the weekend with the incoming colder temperatures. Highs in the mid to upper 40s, with lows dropping below freezing.



Friday we will see scattered showers in the early AM hours then skies clear up for the rest of St. Patrick’s Day. Temperatures dropping into the 40s for the weekend before warming up for the start of the next work week. We will stay dry until next Thursday, with a possible chance for showers later in the coming week.


Weather Forecaster

Krista Chang

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