Pop-up storm chances on Sunday, otherwise sunny (6/3/23)

Pop-up storm chances are possible for the afternoon and evening hours on Sunday. For those who do not see the storms, mostly sunny skies are likely throughout the day. Both Monday and Tuesday will be mostly sunny. Temperatures are staying warm in the lower 90s into next week.


Ksbi Hourly June 3

Mostly sunny skies on Sunday with a slight chance to see some pop-up storms in the afternoon and evening. Temperatures are a little higher than our usual average for June, we’ll start in the 60s and gradually warm up into the lower 90s and some upper 80s on Sunday.


Dma Tomorrow High June3

Sunday’s temperatures stay warm with many 90s and 80s expected. Our wind speeds from the NE at 5-10 mph will remain light heading into the evening.


Skeeter Meter June 3

Although we are seeing warm temperatures the next three days, our lack of precipitation and low humidity levels will result in a medium ranking for our Skeeter Meter.


3 7 Day Forecast Kbsi June 3

Pop-up storm chances arrive for the afternoon on Sunday, otherwise there will be mostly sunny skies throughout the day. A lot of sunshine expected for the following week. Temperatures stay in the lower 90s heading into Tuesday, before dipping into the 80s on Wednesday.


Weather Forecaster
Krista Chang

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