2 teens charged with aggravated assault after airsoft guns shot at restaurant

(Source: Dyersburg Police Department/Facebook)

DYERSBURG, Tenn. (KBSI) – Two 16-year-old Dyersburg teens have been charged with felony aggravated assault in connection with the shooting of airsoft guns inside a Mexican restaurant in Dyersburg on Tuesday, Jan. 25.

It happened at El Patio Restaurant around 8 p.m.

Multiple victims were hit including an 8-year-old child that was struck in the face by a projectile from the gun, according to Dyersburg police.

Dyersburg police learned that over the last few weeks, many teens have been having battles with each other, which has escalated to others being shot in the community.

Police took both teens into custody at school on Wednesday afternoon. One of the teens has an additional charge of resisting arrest. Both were taken to detention pending Dyer County Juvenile Court action.

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