3 arrested after drug busts, seizures in McCracken County

PADUCAH, Ky. (KBSI) – Three people were arrested after recent drug seizures in McCracken County.

The McCracken County Sheriff’s Office held a news conference Friday about recent drug arrests and seizures.

Chief Deputy Ryan Norman said five pounds of meth and fentanyl pills were seized Thursday worth about $250,000 combined street value. The investigations began because during a traffic stop a deputy located a half of a fentanyl pill.

Thursday afternoon detectives and deputies with the McCracken and Marshall county sheriff’s offices arrested two people in Reidland. Fabian Thomas, 32, and Makayla Emery, 31, both of Mayfield, Ky. were arrested in the parking lot of a gas station in Reidland. The arrest happened after the couple allegedly delivered methamphetamine and suspect fentanyl pills. Detectives seized about 155 grams of crystal methamphetamine, suspect fentanyl pills, marijuana, synthetic marijuana and money believe to be proceeds of illegal drug sales.

Thomas and Emery were staying in a hotel in Marshall County. Detectives obtained a search warrant and during the search found more than two pounds of suspected crystal methamphetamine and drugs.

Thomas has prior convictions for drug trafficking and cocaine, trafficking a controlled substance within 1000 yards of a school, and three counts of trafficking marijuana. He was on parole for possession of a handgun by a convicted felon. Thomas was paroled from prison in late 2021.

Emery was on probation out of Graves County for a receiving stolen property of a firearm charge.

In a separate investigation Ronald McClure, 35, was arrested for methamphetamine trafficking after a search warrant at a Paducah apartment on Thursday. He was also wanted on an outstanding parole violation. He arrested outside a home in the 1200 block of South 9th Street in Paducah. Detectives obtained a search warrant for his car and apartment. During the search, detectives found and seized about 1,990 grams which is about 2.62 pounds crystal methamphetamine, according to Chief Deputy Norman. Detectives also seized money believed to be proceeds of illegal drug sales. McClure has a criminal history involving drug trafficking. He has been convicted of trafficking cocaine four times in Kentucky. He was out on bond for a drug trafficking arrest in December 2021.

All three people were taken to the McCracken County Jail.

McCracken County detectives also assisted Hopkinsville police in the seizure of more than 1000 fentanyl pills.

The sheriff’s office partnered with federal agencies to be able to streamline bringing federal criminal charges against people if prosecutors believe that it is necessary. This will allow for harsher sentences for repeat offenders. Federal guidelines do not allow for offenders to be released until 85 percent of their sentence has been completed.

“Marshall County has the same kind of drug problems that McCracken County has and this collaboration that we’ve developed between the two agencies really helps to affect in a measurable way the drug problem that we have in both communities,” said Matt Hilbrecht, detective captain with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.

Hilbrecht thanked the sheriff’s of both counties for working hand in hand.

Anyone who is struggling with drug addiction can call Badges of Hope at 270-444-4719 and the McCracken County Sheriff’s Office will give a ride to a treatment facility.

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