9th annual Blues and Gospel Festival in Cairo, IL

CAIRO, Ill. (KBSI) – The 9th annual Blues and Gospel Festival in Cario, Illinois, was an opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate the community with friends old and new.  

“Man, it’s just love, I love it. Seen people I haven’t seen in a long time, old classmates, it’s just lovely man,” said Marcus Jordan, a resident of Cairo. 

Organizations and businesses also got a chance to connect more with residents  

Shawnee Volleyball was present as well and one of its players, Mackenzie Ness, said it’s great to get everyone in the small communities together.  

“Just come out and support the community as well I think it’s really interesting it’s just how they were able to pull this off and just get everybody together for once and get them all together to support it,” said Ness.  

The Blues and Gospel festival was a way to celebrate the community together. 

 And the community parade was an opportunity for children to see the people they aspire to be like one day.  

Shawnee volleyball player Destiny Price says she was once one of those children.  

“I was a kid I was just picturing like looking up to the people as how they are going through this parade and smiling and waving at us and I was just like I want to do that one time one day and be like the smiling face for that kid that was me when I was little,” said Price. 

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