BBB tips to avoid fitness scams

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – A lot of people are looking to make a health and fitness change at the start of a new year and while that goal can be good it is also a chance for people to take advantage of that.

Whitney Quick, regional director of Better Business Bureau says scammers make it easy to buy a product but hard to get out of making payments. 

 “Some consumers believe they were making a one-time purchase instead they became repeatedly billed on their credit cards for these products,” said Quick. 

Quick says to carefully do research on the products and read the fine print.

 “Turn instructions and the product back and they were not available to get a return or a refund on this so it’s always very important to kind of watch out for any of these scams and always read the fine print for anything that you’re signing up for,” said Quick. 

Scammers are also getting consumers by false advertising under the names of established companies.  

 “Shark Tank now they talk about this that there are a lot of companies out there that will use the Shark Tank images to try and be more credible which is another reason why you really have to do your research on everything,” said Quick.  

Lastly, Quick wants to remind those with health and fitness goals to talk to professionals.  

“Talk to your doctor, talk to dietitians, talk to people who are experts in this and make sure that you are [you know] talking to the right people and not just somebody that you’ve met off of social media,” said Quick.

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