Cape Girardeau County Sheriff’s Office gives checklists to avoid burglaries

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The Cape Girardeau County Sheriff’s Office warns residents and business owners to have a checklist to keep themselves and their property safe.

Surveillance systems provide an extra set of eyes and security, but only when the cameras work can the review/backup function be accessible, according to the sheriff’s office.

Make sure your system is ready to provide backup support if needed.

  • Do you know your username and password?
  • Are the date and time correct?
  • Are all the cameras working?
  • Are the camera lenses clear of dust, debris, and cobwebs?
  • Is the camera views unobstructed by trees, shrubbery, and structural overhangs?
  • Are the cameras in recording mode or live view only?

Help us decrease crimes this holiday season by increasing your security awareness and combat crimes of opportunity.
It is well-known criminals look for easy targets.

The Cape Girardeau County Sheriff’s Office recommends making it more difficult for thieves by following the #9PMRoutine.

Many vehicle burglaries, and some stolen vehicles, occur due to vehicles being left unlocked. Criminals walk through neighborhoods, trying vehicle door handles, hoping to find an unlocked vehicle.

Best way to prevent vehicle burglaries:

  • Remove all valuables
  • Lock your vehicle’s doors upon exiting.
  • Take the keys to the vehicle inside your home.
  • Turn on exterior light.

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