City of Marion, KY declared in State of Emergency

MARION, Ky. (KBSI) – The summer started off hot, and now it feels like it will just keep going that way.

Without a rainy day in sight, the city of Marion is nearly on the last drop of its water supply.

It all started when a sinkhole formed, causing the levee to fail. It had to be breached, which caused damage to the equipment being used for the city’s water supply.

Marion City Administrator Adam Ledford says it’s time to stop putting the blame on each other, and put their heads together to find a solution.

“This supply here was 183,000,000 gallons of raw water and it supplied about a one year’s water supply to the community,” Ledford said.

Supplying  water regionally is one option they are looking at. They are also asking residents to make sacrifices to help the city make it through the dry summer months.

“There is even things that people can do, inside of hygiene type of activities and essential usages that can also preserve water,” Ledford said. “Just little steps like that, you’re still doing what needs to be done, but you’re doing it in a manner, that is more water efficient.”

Governor Beshear has declared Marion to be in a State of Emergency because of the water crisis.

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