Doniphan R-1 School District closed Dec. 7-10 due to sickness

school desks in a classroom (Source: Pexels/Pixabay)
school desks in a classroom (Source: Pexels/Pixabay)

DONIPHAN, Mo. (KBSI) – The Doniphan R-1 School District is closed December 7-10 due to sickness.

Alternative Methods Instruction assignments have been provided to student for the three days the school is closed. Students are to turn in the assignments when they return to school on Monday, Dec. 12.

The district plans to sanitize and disinfect all buildings and classrooms over the next three days.

A post on the Doniphan R-1 School District website from Tuesday reads:

“The Doniphan R-1 School District will be CLOSED the remainder of this week, December 7-10. Sickness has hit our district hard with several of our students, faculty, and staff absent. AMI assignments, for all three days, will be provided to all students. These assignments should be completed and returned Monday, December 12. Over the next three days, the district will sanitize and disinfect all buildings and classrooms. Don’s Den will be in session this afternoon, December 6, however, it will also be closed the remainder of the week. Tonight, December 6, the high school boys, home basketball game, will be played as scheduled. If you are sick, please use the next three days to recover. If you are not sick, please do your best to avoid others who are sick. Have a great day and stay healthy!”

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