Free lawyer services in Carbondale, IL

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KBSI) – Imagine getting a lawyer’s services for free. That’s something you don’t hear often, but it’s a reality for the people of Carbondale.

Every month, the Carbondale Public Library provides this free service.

“We are doing the Lawyer in the Library and it’s something that we do once a month,” said Diana Brawly Sussman, Director of the Carbondale Public Library. “We have volunteer lawyers come in and meet with people for 20-minute sessions.”

The services are open to all people who need help with any law related questions or issues. However, the lawyer has a limited representation, which means he/she may not provide every service you may need.

“So, the lawyer is not going to represent you, go to court with you, represent you in court for free. They are going to consult with you for 20 minutes and help you to determine what types of things you need,” continued Sussman.

Sussman says that the goal to help anyone and everyone in need.

The service will be offered this Friday, August 19, from noon to 3 p.m. But if you cannot attend Friday, keep in mind there is always next month.

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