Free on FOX23: Perry County History Museum

PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KBSI) – A piece of history lies in every direction. In Perryville, Missouri, there is always something to discover.

The Perry County Museum is beautifully preserving Perry County history. What was once the home of a butcher and his wife in 1881 is now a museum for the public to visit since 1990.

From Jesse James to a living will from 1698, the Perry County Museum is full of memorabilia.

From old photographer or the many hand sewn quilts that adorn the walls, the museum has something for everyone.

Curators Jim and Cheryl Hart along with Julie Hart have a lot of love for the museum and encourage the people of surrounding communities to come and visit this time capsule of a local museum. It’s free.

“This is a picture of Rozier’s Store in 1925, but Rozier’s store was originally built by the Phillip’s family and it was originally an opera house and then Rozier’s bought it in 1903 and it’s been Rozier’s store ever since,” said Jim Hart, curator for the Perry County Museum.

The Harts encourage everyone to visit the museum and learn from the historic building.

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