Gas leak caused deadly explosion at Wyatt house

WYATT, Mo. (KBSI) – Investigators determined the cause of the deadly explosion at a home in Wyatt on Aug. 15 was from propane gas that filled the home.

One person died and nine others were injured in the explosion that happened in the 500 block of Pecan Street. The surviving victims are in different hospitals/burn units across the Midwest.

Two of the nine victims are in critical condition and fighting for their lives. The other seven are in stable condition, according to the Mississippi County Sheriff’s Office.

The gas leak is narrowed down to the gas cook stove or a gas water heater. It is unknown what the ignition source was that ignited the gas. This explosion is ruled an accident, but the investigation continues. It is not drug related and no foul play is suspected, according to the sheriff’s office.

There are less than 10 homes that explode from gas leaks annually in Missouri.

There are several different ways to prevent this from happening.

  1. If you smell an odor of rotten eggs or a gassy smell, Leave the building and, at a safe distance, call the utility company or emergency services and report the gas leak. Do not go back into the building until the gas company tells you it is safe to do so.
  2. If you smell or detect natural gas/propane gas, do not open a window. Do not do anything that could create a spark, including using the telephone, plugging in, or unplugging an appliance or using a match.
  3. Check the stove: If it’s safe, walk over to your stove and make sure all your burners are turned off. It’s a common mistake: Someone bumps into the stove, and the gas is accidentally turned on.
  4. Check other gas appliances: (Stove, water heaters, HVAC systems, Heaters, etc.) Periodically check these appliances for leaks, not working correctly, etc. When in doubt, contact a certified technician to check these appliances.
  5. Purchase fire, carbon monoxide, natural/propane gas detectors for your residence to alert you if there is a danger.
  6. If you have propane gas, check out levels at the tank every week. Make sure there is not an over usage of propane. The following is an average monthly usage in gallons:
    • Propane Furnace 80 gallons
    • Hot Water Heater 20 gallons
    • Propane Fireplace 16 gallons
    • Propane Stove Ranges 3 gallons
    • Propane Clothes Dryers 1.5 gallons

If you smell gas in your home, leave immediately then call 911 to report it. Do not use your cell phone or landline phone inside the home.

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