Glenallen residents recovering after flash floods

GLENALLEN, Mo. (KBSI) – The aftermath of flash floods has residents in Glenallen on edge after just recovering from an EF-2 tornado in April.

“We know that everything can be cleaned up here,” said Jay Shands.

He is the owner of a small convenience store and now has to clean up what is left of the debris from the flood.

“My wife…my wife’s heart was hurting her, yesterday it was giving her trouble, because she does this, she does the store,” said Shands.

He says that despite the store flooding, they are still grateful and know the store will be cleaned up and running again within a couple of weeks.

“We didn’t lose much, like the other people lost,” he said. “They lost really bad, the neighbors and everything.”

Servpro trucks also responded to the Glenallen area to help clean and inspect several homes.

Adam Holt is the production manager on scene in Glenallen.

“Just trying to help as many people as we can, you know a lot of these people experience the tornadoes back earlier this year, and now they’re going through it again,” said Holt.

Mac Davenport is the co-owner of Servpro. He says that they offer a lot of advice to people that don’t have the funds to pay, including inspections.

“You know my teams, we do the mitigation work so we kind of get things ready, to get back into place when you factor in reconstruction a lot of these people probably won’t be seeing their houses get completely back to normal for another three to six months,” said Holt.

Glenallen residents are in the process of recovering and working hard to rebuild their beloved village.

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