Illinois State Police increase incentives for incoming state troopers

(KBSI) – In order to increase police staffing, the Illinois State Police began a newly reimagined Fast Track Program for incoming state troopers.

The original program had 13 weeks of in-person classes instead of 26 weeks. The new redesigned program will have 5 weeks of in-person classes and 9 weeks of classes in their region of choice.

“The two big differences is that difference number one, it’ll be only five weeks in person as opposed of the 26, and difference number two is that they’ll get to go return back to the desired portion of the state whatever district they want to go to,” said Sgt. Calvin Dye Jr. with Illinois State Police.

June 1, 2022 will be the last day to turn in applications and required documentation to be considered for the October, 2022 cadet class.

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