McCracken County 911 dispatch transmitters not functioning correctly

PADUCAH, Ky. (KBSI) – The 911 dispatch transmitters in McCracken County sometimes lose connection.

In an emergency situation, this can become a serious issue for most emergency services such as, fire, police, medical, and the sheriff’s department, along with dispatch. There are many dead spots in the county.

“We’ll get coverage in an adjacent county but there are parts of our county that there is no coverage,” McCracken County Chief Deputy Ryan Norman said. “We can’t hear anybody. Specially if going inside a building, there’s places if we’re in an open field you can hear great but if you step inside a building, then our deputies can’t hear and dispatch¬† can’t hear them.”

This kind of system failure is a top priority for the community of Paducah and McCracken County.

If a radio system component fails then the entire radio system can become stagnant, leading for the men and women in service for the community to be in a possible life threatening situation.

This can lead dispatch to become nervous, putting them, responding deputies and the community at risk.

The Paducah City Commission, McCracken County fiscal court, Mayor George Bray, and Judge Executive Craig Clymer, are negotiating and looking at a joint venture between the two.

“We’re looking for something that works, serves our deputies, so we can serve the public,” Chief Deputy Norman said.

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