New ShotSpotter technology to help Cape Girardeau police determine where shots fired

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KBSI) – Was that a gunshot? The Cape Girardeau Police Department will now be the first to know. Cape Girardeau police are applying the new technology to detect when and where a gunshot will be detected in the area.

Cape Girardeau is implementing ShotSpotter technology to help combat the problem of gun violence.

Small audio sensors will be installed on high posts and tall buildings to be pick up and determine how many shots have been fired. There will be a 24/7 acoustic expert on duty to qualify all shots fired.

ShotSpotter helps law enforcement officials identify, locate and deter gun violence. The real-time alerts notify police when and where gun incidents occur, resulting in a faster, more accurate response to the scene to better recover evidence, interview witnesses, and attend to gunshot victims. The overall goal is to reduce gun violence and improve the safety of the community.

The ShotSpotter technology uses a series of small audio sensors deployed high up on top of light posts and buildings. When a gunshot occurs, the sensors work instantly to triangulate the sound and pinpoint the number of shots fired and the location, according to Cape Girardeau police. Trained ShotSpotter acoustic experts are on duty 24/7 to review and qualify all gunfire incidents and alert local law enforcement immediately. This occurs within a minute and usually within 30 seconds.

ShotSpotter helps police departments transform their practices from reactive to proactive by eliminating the reliance on delayed and underreported 911 calls. Research shows fewer than 20 percent of gunshots are called in to 911. ShotSpotter notifies officers of gunshot crimes in progress, enabling them to mobilize strategically with real-time data delivered directly to dispatch centers, patrol cars, and even smartphones. The gunfire data also enables law enforcement agencies to improve evidence collection, prosecution, and overall police effectiveness.

The new technology will initially lead to an increase in the number of gunshot-related calls the Cape Girardeau Police Department handles.

The program will lead to an improvement in other metrics (faster response times for officers, faster response times for EMT, better evidence collection that leads to better prosecutions). The goal is to lead to the reduction in gun violence.

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