Opponents worry about misbehaving teachers with proposed phone ban

Some parents say they're necessary to get video proof of inappropriate educators
woman holds up cell phone to watch video (Source: Storyblocks)

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A legislative bill would ban the use of cell phones in Nebraska classrooms, as supporters say they’re a distraction and potentially much worse.

One teacher in favor of the proposal says not only are they a constant disruption, but phones can also be used to take videos that are then manipulated to make educators look bad.

Diane Wigert says it happened to her, and once the video went viral her entire life turned into a nightmare.

Opponents argue the bill would prevent students from being able to film misbehaving teachers.

One mother says video proof was critical in getting her son’s school to take disciplinary action against an inappropriate educator.

As of now the bill would require all phones to be put into a storage container when entering classrooms.

Concern has been raised that students wouldn’t have access to them in case of an emergency, like a school shooting, but the proposal does allow them to be used in dangerous situations.

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