Owner of pet cremation service arrested 3rd time after investigation into ‘nefarious business practices’

Jacob Jetton (Source: McCracken County Sheriff's Office/Facebook)
Jacob Jetton (Source: McCracken County Sheriff's Office/Facebook)

PADUCAH, Ky. (KBSI) – A Paducah man was arrested for the third time after a police investigation that started from a complaint of a foul smell.

The new charges stem from an investigation into what Paducah police call “nefarious business practices” of 24-year-old Jacob Jetton.

The additional charges against Jetton include theft by deception over $1,000 (felony) and fraudulent use of credit card over $1,000 (felony).

Jetton also faces charges of disorderly conduct 1st degree, not having a license for the business of collecting an animal carcass, local ordinance violations, failure to notify address change to the Department of Transportation and two counts of theft by deception over $1,000 but less than $10,000.

On May 9, a concerned citizen called police to report that an extremely foul smell had been coming from Jetton’s vehicle for a considerable period of time.

The complainant said Jetton owned a pet cremation business and was concerned that Jetton had dead pets in his vehicle and may be improperly disposing of them.

Deputies went to the business on Lone Oak Road and could smell what the caller described. Other area business owners told deputies that their customers had also been complaining of the smell. Deputies learned that customers of Jetton’s pet cremation business were concerned that they had not received the remains of their pets. Other customers also told deputies they believed they had not received the actual remains of their pets.

Deputies and McCracken County Animal Control found eight dead animals in Jetton’s vehicle, all in various stages of decomposition, according to the McCracken County Sheriff’s Office. Several of the animals had been given to Jetton to have cremated. It was also discovered that Jetton did not have a McCracken County business license, according to the sheriff’s office.

Deputies consulted with McCracken County Animal Control, McCracken County Code Enforcement and the McCracken County Attorney’s Office regarding their findings as well as the complaints.

Jetton was arrested on May 9.

The investigation regarding Jetton and his cremation business continued Wednesday, May 10 when detectives and deputies obtained a search warrant at Jetton’s home and searched another location. It was determined that Jetton had not been cremating the pets that he had been entrusted to cremate, according to the sheriff’s office. Given this new evidence, Jetton was arrested again and charged with two counts of theft by deception over $1,000 but less than $10,000.

The McCracken County Sheriff’s Office fielded numerous complaints regarding Jetton and at least two businesses that he operated.

It was discovered that Jetton has been fraudulently charging prior customers additional unauthorized fees on their debit/credit cards, according to the sheriff’s office. The total of all the identified charges was more than $1,000, according to the sheriff’s office.

It was also learned that Jetton had sold a guitar for $1,400 to a customer of Jetton Music, an illegitimate business he was running alongside the pet cremation business, according to the sheriff’s office. It was later found that the guitar was off-brand and only valued at $300.

Many times, if a customer pays for a service and does not receive everything promised, it is determined to be a civil issue that must be settled between the customer and business or in a civil suit. However, if anyone has concerns about not receiving a service they paid Jetton for, or believe they did not receive what was contracted, they are acled to call the McCracken County Sheriff’s Office at 270-444-4719 to speak with a deputy.

McCracken County Coroner Amanda Melton coordinated with Lindsey Funeral Home who offered their pet cremation services, in order for the pet owners to have some consolation.

This investigation is ongoing in collaboration with McCracken County Animal Control and the McCracken County Attorney’s Office.

Jetton was taken to the McCracken County jail both times he was arrested.

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