SoutheastHEALTH College of Nursing holds disaster simulation for students

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KBSI) – The Southeast Missouri College of Nursing program is holding disaster simulations this week. The simulation is a tornado that has disrupted a class of lab students in the upper floor. The simulation serves to prepare nursing students how to deal with a disaster while dealing with a nursing shortage.

The simulation was a tornado that disrupted a class of lab students in the upper floor of a building. The students in this lab are local volunteer actors.

This simulation gives the students active learning experiences in the classroom and in the lab settings. It is designed to be like a real disaster with patients the students must go and triage, taking care of those in need and figuring out which ones they can and cannot help.

“We really just want our students to be able to go out into the real world, and even though we hope they never have to go through a disaster ever again, but still just thinking about it, they show up on a car crash, or they are in a basketball game and gets injured, and even in the hospital, dealing with high stress situations, be able to handle the high stress and be able to communicate with our team and just be able to think about what they can do immediately with just their mind and their hands,” Angela Moses R.N., Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator, coordinating the simulation said.

The simulation serves to prepare nurses in the area while dealing with a nursing shortage.

“It was fun,” said Trey Stone, a student. “I think I did good, but there’s always room for improvement.”

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