Tri-state qualifiers for archery shooter’s association

SIKESTON, Mo. (KBSI) – Saturday, May 7 was a day open to multiple state’s competitors and a chance to sharpen their skills or hit one of the minimum qualifiers to get to the archery shooters association state championship in Missouri.  

Justin Hawkins, co-owner of Backwater Bowhunters 3D, said that Tri-state qualifier welcomes competitors from Missouri, Arkansas, and Illinois. 

“You have to go to a minimum of two qualifiers and

shoot to get qualified to go to that state championship and then you’re going to that state championship,” said Hawkins. 

This competition is just one of the stops for competitors.

“You can get qualified for the Missouri state championship and then you go to that and that is you know the best of the state and you get to compete and see where you’re at,” said Hawkins. 

Bruce Starks, co-owner of Backwater Bowhunters 3D, says the talent at the tri-state qualifier varied from competitors who have been actively competing for years to the new rising stars. 

“There’s I mean there’s people here that are really good I mean good enough to get college scholarships shooting archery,” said Starks 

A bright rising star is Gage Kellet who is midway into this season and just committed to Lindenwood University.  

“We’ve had three Pro Ams and one of them I got first at one of the programs,” said Kellet. 

Saturday’s tri-state qualifier was for competitors but Brandon says that one visit to Backwater Bowhunters 3D would be one you wouldn’t regret. 

“If you see the place now you’re going to love it,” said Starks.

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