Union City High School students compete at 5th annual Canstruction Jr. Competition

UNION CITY, Tenn. (KBSI) – A group of Union City High School students won honorable mention for “Most Creative” and “Best Meal” at the fifth annual Canstruction Jr. Competition at Discovery Park of America.

Members of the Art Club, Key Club and MEP classes combined to design, develop and build a 3D entry.

Twenty-two UCHS students worked on the project called “Weathering the Storm.” Their efforts included planning the types of cans and materials needed and working within a budget to purchase them. The group practiced building their design during class and after school while solving design and structural issues as they were encountered.

They finished the build in record time. The structures will be on display at DPA during November, and all food items will be donated to local charities for the holidays.

Members of the UCHS team included: Anai Ambrosio, Toni Armstrong, Jacob Arnold, Edgar Bonilla, Nolan Chandler, Barret Cox, Maddox Dunn, Alexis Forrest, Cory Gentry, Ciara Gordon and Landon Hauhe.

Also, in the group were Davian Jeffrey, Luke Joslin, Jaden Jurgiel, Hayden Kennedy, Dafne Lopez, Reese Paschall, Gunner Preston, Jocelyn Ruiz, Hayden Searcy, Gage Smith and Preston Sweatt.

The description of their design was as follows: “The hunger crisis in our state is out of control, just like nature can be when a tornado cuts a path across the landscape. This can sculpture represents the destructive tornado of hunger that is ravaging our beautiful Volunteer State from the rural lands in the west to the far corners of the mountainous east. The twisting stack of protein-rich tuna cans forms a three-dimensional tornado, symbolizing the recent surge in hunger numbers across Tennessee. The shape of Tennessee lies beneath the tornado, with the three grand divisions separated by soups and broths that can be mixed with the vitamin-rich yellow, green and orange vegetables filling in the sections of the state.”

Club sponsors and teachers Hilary Webb, Carolyn Nipp and Colby Watts oversaw the project.

The Bill and Carol Latimer Foundation, Ben E. Keith Foods, Searcy Contractors, Union City Energy Authority and Leaders Credit Union sponsored the competition.

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