Union City pre-K students learn weather by baking cookies in a car

UNION CITY, Tenn. (KBSI) – Two Union City Elementary School Pre-K classes learned how hot the inside of a vehicle can get by bakies cookies in a car.

Teachers Halle Lively and Kursten Osborne and students in two Union City Elementary School Pre-K classes completed a project after studying the weather.

The group began each day during the study learning and singing the ‘Super Simple Weather Song’. The supervised group placed cookie dough on a baking sheet and left it in Mrs. Lively’s vehicle one afternoon when the temperature soared to triple digits.

Oven temperatures were simulated and the project had a happy ending. Students enjoying baked cookies due to the extreme heat.

“We’d been studying about the weather, what it looks like, and how it feels outside each day,” said Lively. “We talked to the kids about how our cars can work like an oven when it’s as hot as it was for that week. We asked them beforehand if they thought the experiment might work.

“They all got to make predictions about whether or not the cookies would bake. They were so excited to get their supplies ready and, obviously, with the end result.”

“It is so fun to watch our kids learn through hands-on exploration,” said Orsborne. “I think this is a project they will always remember!”

The lesson also included observing and exploring students’ surroundings and demonstrating an understanding of simple weather conditions and vocabulary.

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