Pastor, family help those in need in Bollinger County, open church for shelter

MARBLE HILL, Mo. (KBSI) – The Marble Hill Baptist Church is run by Andrew Green and his wife, Penny. They’ve opened the church to victims of the flooding in Bollinger County as a place of shelter.

“There’re family members and volunteers all over that have come in to help these people clean out their houses and they’re hungry, so we just make sure that we have breakfast, lunch and dinner provided for anyone that needs it,” said Penny Green.

People whose homes sustained significant damage from the flooding in Glen Allen, Marble Hill and surrounding communities are asked to go to the Marble Hill Baptist Church.

The American Red Cross opened a shelter Monday in response to flooding caused by heavy rains affecting the communities in surrounding areas in Bollinger County. The shelter is available to anyone displaced from their home from the flooding, and for those needing a place to stay overnight.

The church is providing food and water to those who stop by anytime.

Those staying overnight are asked to bring clothing for a few days, bedding, toiletries, essential medication and items for their children.

“People are taking it pretty hard,” said Andrew Green. “It’s pretty tough and we’re doing the best we can to help them as they help them get back to their lives.”

On a positive note, the Greens say fewer people are needing to stay overnight at the church compared to when the flooding first happened because they’ve found other places to stay as they continue the recovery process.

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